Translation of written or typed documents


  • Translations in all subjects in most languages are done by a staff of subject-qualified translators.
  • We have translators based right here in Oklahoma City, and a massive network spanning the entire country.
  • Certificates: birth, marriage, school, etc.
  • We have extensive experience doing manuals, contracts, bids, and documents with legal, commercial, medical, and technical subjects.
  • No project is too little or too big.
  • Certification and notarization of all documents is available.
  • We have over 25 years experience doing translations for immigration purposes and know what to do!
  • Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, French, Farsi, Arabic, you name it! We also can use many computer formats that can be adapted to your needs.
  • Interpreter speaks through a microphone in real-time as a speaker is speaking
  • Typically only one way (English into foreign language)
  • Audio equipment available on request
  • Used for business and sales conferences, courtroom trials, etc